Wednesday, November 02, 2005

is it true that you can make out in elevator?
In my younger age, I always thought how cool it was gonna be to go working by elevator. You go into a tall building and reach the office by elevator. So many Hollywood movies told you so, the sexy lady with loads of work paper hurrying press the elevator button or standing elegantly waiting for the elevator and make out on elevator was believed as one Hollywood favorite story!Now, in fact I am working on 26th floor. And every time I have to going by elevator I felt like a boring time! I mean, you are with mostly strangers in a 2x2 meters space and it never is good also when you are with some friends. It is like trapped in a wrong situation. And it is killing if you were late and the elevator’s stopped in every floor! Some lazy people would never understand the use of emergency exit and believe it is faster and better to use elevator even if it is only 1 floor to go! C’mon people! It felt just like in a shrink ship if the elevator had to stop in every floor for 10 floors! And FYI, after 6 months rumble around the elevator I never once trapped with any cute guys. So, to make yourself happier, it’s better to think of things you can do in elevator than whining on it. And here come the things:
1. If there were only you and one guy. Slowly moved behind the guy and touch his shoulder, then pretend that you knew nothing.
2. Press the elevator button and pretend that you were electrified. Then make an “it’s ok” smile and do it again.
3. Bring a digital camera and take picture with everyone on elevator.
4. Move a desk into the elevator and every time someone comes in, ask if they already made an appointment.
5. Take an empty box (could be an aqua box) and put it on the corner, and ask people on elevator if they heard any ticking sound from the box.
6. pretend to be a stewardess and show the safety procedure.
7. When the elevator closed, stand up straight and said: “don’t panic! It would be opened soon!”
8. Stand still on the corner facing the elevator wall. Don’t move at all.
9. bring a puppet and pretend to be a ventriloquist (if possible, try to make conversation with others)
10. Make your own area with chalk and write it as: MY AREA, MAKE DISTANCE!
Moral of the story: never believe Hollywood (well anyway…it’s Hollywood! What to say actually?)


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