Tuesday, November 08, 2005

t od ay sh ou ld bet ter be an of f da y. ..

because :

1. elson bought me a playing card pack from singapore with some jokes about "sex after 40" on the deck, and we play it before lunch and after lunch.

2. many chairs are unseated

3. we went to plaza indonesia for lunch from 11.30am - 3.15pm

3. after lunch we plan to go to sarinah right on time on office off hour (5.30 pm)

4. i am doing this posting

5. it only took 45mins from home to office (usually 90mins)

6. so many spaces in parking area

7. rani asking to "the book of answer" whether we could go home now or not, then followed by joni and max for the same question until the answer is yes.

8. everybody start to think of any questions to "the book of answer" like : will i be the boss?

9. adam still wear his sunglasses (come on, it is an indoor office and the lights are out)

10. this is my last 2days in this loveable office

10. it is so holidaysssss

11. please...isnt it?

oh right...i think it SHOULD be

by the way...i'm surely gonna miss this office, the so relaxing people, so warm, so homelike and oh so familylike people


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