Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Simply schimply…

Talking about Jakarta, i think will take a whole day or at least a tired eyes reading. Back when I was younger I really heart Jakarta, but now? Come on, killing traffics, knotty people, dense problems and everything here is just full of twists and turns. And the key word of all is complexity. How the word, complexity is becoming my new phobia.
Yes, complexity equals anxiety. Started from the people itself, why some how we make things complicated. This city is full of biased issues.
One day, I found a guy I am interested to and all I did was simply finding a way to get through to him. finally I met this guy, and then started to make plan to stay in touch with him.
Well, maybe I am just interesting finding new guy, but what annoyed my mind was how I had to make plans to meet him, to talk and stay in connection. I imagined, if I was in New York or Rotterdam, maybe I would just waited for him and when I finally met I would ask him to have some nice coffee or tea with me and everything would flow easily like it should be.
Well, it is Jakarta anyway, what to say? Even when I did the so called “strategic plan”, there still are people who say that what I did is harebrained and suggested that I had to do the plan in a smoother way.
My question is what is the smoother way? You like someone and you cannot just simply tell them so? Do we have to wrap everything in silver-tongued wordings?
Sigh, I really wish one day I could meet a stranger and ask him out without thinking of his reaction and the shame I would bear, just being simply as I wanted to be when I met an attention-grabbing stranger.
But as I was driving in Jakarta traffic, horns were blown surrounds I woke up from my insane wish and looked straight up straightening my heart and said: it is Jakarta where you are half open-minded and half lured in the eastern culture.
And isn’t the eastern culture we were enticed in just beautiful?
Well, let us forget the being straight forward thingies and start to dance in deeply stunning complexity.
It is Jakarta, yuk kita basa-basi, basi dulu…


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