Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sales = marriage; marketing = wedding

As cliché as it may be read, i found out how enormous the impact of advertising in our lives is. Everything we do every single day is affect by what media has said. I believe and am sure that we all do know how media is full of persuasive and tricky traps.
Regardless, sometimes we still let ourselves hypnotized and walk the way unconsciously leaded by the influences.
Lately, i help my friend to prepare her wedding. I accompanied her meeting the decorator, the planner, the photographer and listened to her details about the wedding; booking the place, lobbying the priest, finding the right design for the gown, choosing the color theme of the wedding, wedding tradition of both families, and of course the misunderstanding, the exhaust, and money talks!
And she passed me her wedding advice, the same old line: when you marry someone, it means you marry the whole family.
Yet in my mind about getting married is truly the marriage itself. Maybe that is why until this time I type it, I still don’t fancy wedding.
The idea of getting marriage for me is about to wake up with the same person everyday for the rest of your life, sharing your everything, asking permission for everything you do, having and raising children, paying some mortgage on house or vehicles and so on…
And I wonder, do people who want to tie their knots think about their independences they would half given? Because, divorce is my other biggest angst.
And far, far away after the wedding day…I want to live happily ever after…quoting my high school teacher “let us say you live for 50 years, and you get married by age of 25, you’ve spent your 25 years with your family happily, and what about the next 25 years with your own family? Imagine what a heaven it could be with the right person and how helly it could be if you ended with the wrong person, choose wisely”
Is it only my twisted nerve thinking this way or what?
Maybe I am just a lil selfish woman who refuses to leave her comfort zone as a single. Or I just haven’t found my other half to grow old with.


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