Monday, November 06, 2006

Money can buy ma’ fat [1]

My office is full of big fat bullies! They are everywhere and it is an undeniable fact [or should I say, curse] for every employee who works here to gain weight at least 2 kilos. Here, me the living victim telling you the story.

Vira*, the art director.

In year 2005 he started to work as an ordinary bulky man. His weight was 74kilos. As months went by he started to be a joke when one day he claimed that his weight was speaking about his class. He was the class of 98 and his weight…was about the same and still going up. By the year of 2006 he reached 100 kilos! And today he weights 108kilos.

Wani*, the art director

Six months ago he was 96 kilos and called as “fatty wani”. And how will you call him now when he weights 106 kilos?

Vineir*, the copywriter

Well…I want to tell you the story but since I think you can guess the undercover name and you can laugh on it, so…there’s nothing much I can tell about her but she gained 2 kilos in 3,5months and changed her size from [x]s to m.

So…one day, when the blubbers are no longer looking funny or cute and the stairs start to look like a mountain hike, they decided to dare the fat.

Here’s the rule, everyone who wants to join the competition to dare the fat have to pay 200.000idr. The winner is the one who can reduce most fat in one month and [s]he can take all the money which has been collected from all the participants.

So, today, there were 8 chunky fatties going to Pondok Indah Hospital, having their body mass measured and the game is begin.

All 6 participants weight more than 90kilos, 1 participant less than 70kilos and more than 60 kilos and 1 participant weight half from 90kilos.

Some people would sacrifice anything to lose their weight even money. And some people would sacrifice anything to gain money even their weight and untamable appetite.

And start from this time on, nobody can say: “kecil2 makannya banyak” to me anymore! The money has talked!

*undercover name


Anonymous Anonymous said...

errrrr NOOOOOOOO.. money has bought my cute sexy musha-room!!! NOOOOOO.. she's taken away along with the coming of 2000000 rupiah!!! what hv you done sweetie?? you took my chubby darling away!!!

maudy (pake anonymous soalnya males log in)

1:18 PM


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