Thursday, August 24, 2006

Adultery, is not suitable for cowards

This week, I had my weekend experiences as an adult (umm…should I call myself so? You’ll see and find it out).

Beginning my looonggg weekend with a half day sleep on independence day, it made me really-really felt and understood the word independence. I mean, woke up at 1pm at noon, had lunch, watched DVD and fell asleep again until 6.30pm without worrying any jobs awaited was totally A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Ended the day going to my best friend’s house, talking about this time we were experiencing was totally a milestone from being a girl into a woman, yes Britney…we’re not a girl and not yet a woman.

How awfully bad we sometimes handled this period, how exhausted, yet…we still could see the exquisite things lied within.

Next day, was totally mess…having a morning quarrel with my mom meant having thunder in your summer sunbathing day. It was that bad to make you cry like a baby.

And my pacifiers were my best friends who also unfortunately having the same parents type with me, the-EGO.1 type.

Yet, my friend told me her father wise words “may I remind you that you’re in your quarter ages and soon you’ll be married, actually how much time left for us, to be real family before you start your own? Not more than couple years I guess, so why don’t you just pull yourself together and deal with it.”

Ended the day, realizing that whether you like it or not, whether your parents were dalai lama like or fidel castro like or even Hitler like, they were still priority in our lives and went home bearing those mind over a free beer, yes…it felt relieving.

But, just when I thought I had experienced my adultery for understanding my mom, drinking beer on one of the hippest lounge in kemang, taking cab for home (it was so sex ‘n the city ladies, wasn’t it? –well, minus I had my friend accompanied me on the cab), just as the time I thought I was acting like a 24years old should be…my family had to go out of the town, and left me HOME ALONE.

Here it went, the stimulation of what I had always dreamt of. Leading my own life, living alone (in an apartment, just as wide as my parent’s house now), cooking for my own, sleeping alone, reading books without any interruption such as “vin…makan duluuu, vinnn…bla…bla…”

At first I was quite excited, but as the night crawled over its dark blanket, I got frightened. Frightened enough to beg my 7years old cousin’s parent to let her sleep over in my house, frightened enough to make my best friend promised he would stay until late, until I was tired enough and fell asleep easily, frightened enough to make my Sophia latjuba-like friend to persuade her boyfriend to take her to my house, frightened enough to make me hit my dog for going out and leaving me alone in the house.

But then, I thought about my yesterday and said out loud to my heart that I was an adult who did not afraid of anything such as ghosts in the bush, wolves in the wall, creepy creeps, and so on…I was afraid of nothing but my mom.

So, I let my cousin go home after kissing and hugging her tight, called my best friends to stay wherever they were and enjoyed their nights, opened the gate and waited outside for my dog came back home, and read books alone until I fell asleep.

…with the whole lights on.


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