Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dear Emma,

Em, gosh…do you realize how we haven’t talked for sometimes lately? and on my nights I start to miss you, and our times together like in past time. Worrying about our school or college tasks, crying over our stupid fight with boyfriends, or just laughing over silly jokes and gossips. Life was so easy. Then we graduated, and started to pursuit our own dreams and happiness.

Our last talk Em, made me think, how life has changed us much. We work hard, we spend hard and we party hard, just to make us happy.

Anyway Em, why should we be happy? Why? Why we think that we have to be happy? And when we are not happy, we will think our life is ruined. Why Em? Why so?

Was God sending us here, at the first place in order to make us happy? Was it all?

I don’t think so, I think it was American declaration that says so “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and of course they need to pursuit happiness after putting their lives on stakes running miles and miles away from the colonial land of Europe!

But, this is just life isn’t it Em? It’s where you can fall, cry and fail. It is life where happiness doesn’t rule.

So, why Em? Why keep trying to hard to be happy and make other people happy? Why spend a lot to buy happiness, why party till drop to see happiness and why work so hard to pursuit happiness?

We’re just ordinary people Em…

*for all my Emmas whom I love too much...


Blogger Yousuf said...

Hey Jamur and Emma,

Welcome to The Bakery! Btw, hope you guyss are good bakers eh ;) lolz


8:26 PM


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