Thursday, July 20, 2006

And my last supper would be...

if i was going to be chairelectrocuted tomorrow...
What would I want to be my last supper? (If I were one of the disciples, I would ask for breadtalk, rather than yeast less bread…and that is why dear, i might as well be burnt in hell…)
Hmmm…maybe I would like to have the Grand Hyatt –addictive- roast ducks, as much as it could make Donald wished he was Mickey.
But, irvine? It’s your last supper and you order roast duck? What are you, Chinese gangsters?
Okey, let’s move on, roast duck seems to be not so good idea
Well, what about having angulas a la bilbania which I read once from Spanish Hilton’s menu, refers as baby eel tossed in garlic and chili served with patatas brava (fried potato in chili sauce) and eaten with wooden fork. A, ha! What a flamenco-licious dinner! And it would be premier if I had the dine accompanied by Gael Garcia Bernal, si…si…hot food with hot guy, it would worth a hell then.
Okey, that looks good, the Spanish food hence is before I die, would I ask for something I never tasted before or just evoke the scrumptious taste I ever had?
Or is it the food that matters or who will make it is the thing?
So, I prefer as my last dinner is the best food my mother has ever served me, whatever it would be.
Just a simple wish, I hope I could I have it.