Monday, February 20, 2006

The end of a Midsummer Nights Dream.
And so the legends of Romeo Juliet, Sampek Engtay and Hermia Lysander have gone on and on years by years. Family and society bid the purest love and separated them for the reason of society’s laws. Racial and religion, social class and roots of family.
People like the tragedy on love scars and they celebrate the beauty of it.
2 people (usually the woman is beautiful, just like Juliet Capulet, Ciok Eng Tay, or Hermia and the man is a prince charming, strong and young lad the way Romeo Montague, Nio San Pek or Lysander looked) were so young and deeply in love, swearing to love each other till nothing could come between them, even death. But the course of those true love never did running smooth.
AND, usually in those love story lied the third party. The man who intoxicated by the beauty of the woman and wanted to marry her (luckily, he was the kind of material looked by the parents of the woman, armed by over wealth but not so good looking and having bad attitude), soon he became the antagonist.
Pretty cliché and what a tragedy!
BUT, only a Midsummer Nights Dream offers a fair ending.
Why? Because it ended fairly that finally everyone got their love, even the antagonist, Demetrius found his way of love. As what Puck (the sprite who found the flower that had once been pierce by Cupid’s arrow) said when he anointed the eyes’ of those lovers so they would fall in love with only the people they should love : “Now Jack shall have Jill, naught shall go ill and all shall be well”
Sometimes it was just not fair enough to be placed as the third party, the one who clapped with only one hand. Love might be the unfair thing ever happened to those people and what sin made shall they received the punishment of being on one sided love?
And isn’t it funny when you love some one who doesn’t love you but yet there is someone who love you and you keep outrun from them just because you are chasing the one who outrun from you?
What a joke, Love is! And shall we all laugh on it!
Son los locos que inventaron el amor (It must have been the lunatics who found love)