Thursday, July 20, 2006

“kenapa sih nulis blog’nya pakai bahasa inggris?” -Hilda Maslie-

Hilda adalah sahabat saya yang sifatnya mirip sama ibu saya sendiri, ulang tahun mereka cuma beda sehari, jadi mungkin benar secara astrologikal mereka berdua memiliki banyak kesamaan, seperti sifat galak yang melebihi kumpeni belanda dan keganasan saat menawar barang di mangga dua.
Hilda dan saya mulai berteman sejak awal masuk kuliah, dia teman sekelas saya.
Saya masih inget banget, waktu itu mata kuliah yang paling bikin begadang di semester-semester awal adalah mata kuliah nirmana.
Karena, selain dibutuhkan perasaan “nyeni”, mengerjakan nirmana juga membutuhkan kesabaran sekelas dalai lama. Mulai dari bikin adukan cat poster, memotong rapi karton bc yang sudah diwarna, menempel dan membingkai karya nirmana dengan karton duplex ukuran 3cm.
dan, saudari-saudara, jikalau kesabaran itu bisa dibina, maka jari-jari yang segede pisang ambon tentulah takdir! (dan jari saya, walaupun gak sebesar pisang ambon tetapi kemampuannya seolah saya berjari pisang ambon)
Jadilah, harus lebih-lebih sabar kalau mengerjakan nirmana.
Alkisah, suatu hari, di tengah-tengah mengerjakan tugas nirmana (sekitar jam 1-2 pagi) ditemani acara di saluran tivi swasta (yang tidak memikirkan pikiran orang lain) muncullah iklan penayangan filem misteri, dan bintangnya adalah SUZANNA! Maknyos! Suzanna dan malam satu suro…
Yang terjadi berikutnya, tentu sudah bisa dibayangkan bukan? Saya rapikan semua cat poster, karton bc, karton dupleks dan semua alat-alat ke dalam kotaknya (sambil membaca-baca doa).
Persetan nirmana!
Langsung saya masuk ke kamar adik saya dan tidur berpelukan…
Barangsiapa menanam ketakutan, dia akan menuai kemarahan asdos-asdos nirmana (yang gak kalah serem dengan suzanna). dan saya, secepat larinya gundala putra petir, mengerjakan sisa tugas nirmana yang belum selesai.
Itulah awal pertemanan saya dengan Hilda, di saat saya sedang beraksi seperti video yang di fast forward, Hilda (yang ketika itu belum saya kenal-kenal amat) langsung tanpa pamrih membantu menggunting dan menempel.
Maka, jalinan pertemanan saya dan Hilda dimulai.
Berantem-berantem, entah berapa kali sewaktu kuliah…alasannya?sederhana saja, saya bisa meninggalkan nirmana semata karena suzanna, sementara Hilda lebih baik dia (bikin suzanna) mati ketakutan daripada tugas gak selesai.

And my last supper would be...

if i was going to be chairelectrocuted tomorrow...
What would I want to be my last supper? (If I were one of the disciples, I would ask for breadtalk, rather than yeast less bread…and that is why dear, i might as well be burnt in hell…)
Hmmm…maybe I would like to have the Grand Hyatt –addictive- roast ducks, as much as it could make Donald wished he was Mickey.
But, irvine? It’s your last supper and you order roast duck? What are you, Chinese gangsters?
Okey, let’s move on, roast duck seems to be not so good idea
Well, what about having angulas a la bilbania which I read once from Spanish Hilton’s menu, refers as baby eel tossed in garlic and chili served with patatas brava (fried potato in chili sauce) and eaten with wooden fork. A, ha! What a flamenco-licious dinner! And it would be premier if I had the dine accompanied by Gael Garcia Bernal, si…si…hot food with hot guy, it would worth a hell then.
Okey, that looks good, the Spanish food hence is before I die, would I ask for something I never tasted before or just evoke the scrumptious taste I ever had?
Or is it the food that matters or who will make it is the thing?
So, I prefer as my last dinner is the best food my mother has ever served me, whatever it would be.
Just a simple wish, I hope I could I have it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sales = marriage; marketing = wedding

As cliché as it may be read, i found out how enormous the impact of advertising in our lives is. Everything we do every single day is affect by what media has said. I believe and am sure that we all do know how media is full of persuasive and tricky traps.
Regardless, sometimes we still let ourselves hypnotized and walk the way unconsciously leaded by the influences.
Lately, i help my friend to prepare her wedding. I accompanied her meeting the decorator, the planner, the photographer and listened to her details about the wedding; booking the place, lobbying the priest, finding the right design for the gown, choosing the color theme of the wedding, wedding tradition of both families, and of course the misunderstanding, the exhaust, and money talks!
And she passed me her wedding advice, the same old line: when you marry someone, it means you marry the whole family.
Yet in my mind about getting married is truly the marriage itself. Maybe that is why until this time I type it, I still don’t fancy wedding.
The idea of getting marriage for me is about to wake up with the same person everyday for the rest of your life, sharing your everything, asking permission for everything you do, having and raising children, paying some mortgage on house or vehicles and so on…
And I wonder, do people who want to tie their knots think about their independences they would half given? Because, divorce is my other biggest angst.
And far, far away after the wedding day…I want to live happily ever after…quoting my high school teacher “let us say you live for 50 years, and you get married by age of 25, you’ve spent your 25 years with your family happily, and what about the next 25 years with your own family? Imagine what a heaven it could be with the right person and how helly it could be if you ended with the wrong person, choose wisely”
Is it only my twisted nerve thinking this way or what?
Maybe I am just a lil selfish woman who refuses to leave her comfort zone as a single. Or I just haven’t found my other half to grow old with.

Simply schimply…

Talking about Jakarta, i think will take a whole day or at least a tired eyes reading. Back when I was younger I really heart Jakarta, but now? Come on, killing traffics, knotty people, dense problems and everything here is just full of twists and turns. And the key word of all is complexity. How the word, complexity is becoming my new phobia.
Yes, complexity equals anxiety. Started from the people itself, why some how we make things complicated. This city is full of biased issues.
One day, I found a guy I am interested to and all I did was simply finding a way to get through to him. finally I met this guy, and then started to make plan to stay in touch with him.
Well, maybe I am just interesting finding new guy, but what annoyed my mind was how I had to make plans to meet him, to talk and stay in connection. I imagined, if I was in New York or Rotterdam, maybe I would just waited for him and when I finally met I would ask him to have some nice coffee or tea with me and everything would flow easily like it should be.
Well, it is Jakarta anyway, what to say? Even when I did the so called “strategic plan”, there still are people who say that what I did is harebrained and suggested that I had to do the plan in a smoother way.
My question is what is the smoother way? You like someone and you cannot just simply tell them so? Do we have to wrap everything in silver-tongued wordings?
Sigh, I really wish one day I could meet a stranger and ask him out without thinking of his reaction and the shame I would bear, just being simply as I wanted to be when I met an attention-grabbing stranger.
But as I was driving in Jakarta traffic, horns were blown surrounds I woke up from my insane wish and looked straight up straightening my heart and said: it is Jakarta where you are half open-minded and half lured in the eastern culture.
And isn’t the eastern culture we were enticed in just beautiful?
Well, let us forget the being straight forward thingies and start to dance in deeply stunning complexity.
It is Jakarta, yuk kita basa-basi, basi dulu…