Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Non refundable

Aren’t the words above makes you think twice before you buy something?

A non refundable stuff surely gives me more thought, especially when it costs me much whether money or effort.

Maybe that is why I started to questioning about the so called “first night virginity”. Like it or not, 65% of Indonesian divorce cases are caused by sexual problems and surely marriage is considered as a non refundable thing, rite? You cannot just send your spouse back to their parents when you find some damage on them. You have to deal with it till death do you part or till divorce do you part.

And if it is so, why should we keep insist on some “irrelevant” myth that praising the virginity?

What is actually a virginity means? Is it a thin layer that bleeds when you first time have sex? Or is it your heart that is pure and untouchable that you give to your spouse?

I think, in this era where you can make friends with robots, it is kinda outdated to keep saying “I’m keeping my virginity for the first night of marriage”

Because ladies, or gents…really, if you give more thought on it, virginity gives you nothing but to intimidate you and your relationship, especially ladies whose virginities are “visible”. What kind of deal will you make to put your marriage on stake with virginity? And why should you stand on virginity (which by the way just a thin fragile layer) while you have to sign a firm letter of marriage?

Todays, everything already has a face even happiness, should we still depend on that thin fragile layer?

Long time ago, on and before our parents time, when everything was simpler, when the only phone you got is a landline without any combine features but to ring and be ringed, when world was much younger and naive I do believe that people still trust each other without any tangible stuffs. But, now?

World has changed, it grows older, getting mature, getting more complicated and we really do have to trick it and put away inconsequential things, especially the “rigid” blast from the past.

And I hope you are ‘wise’ enough to understand what I mean…really, I am not westernized or whatsoever, I am just a virgin.